Motor Testing

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One of the most critical capabilities of an electric motor service shop is the ability to test run repaired motors at full rated nameplate voltage. Inman Electric Motors runs all motors through 13,000 horsepower at full rated voltage. Our high powered motor test system was custom manufactured by Phenix Technologies, Inc. The Column Type Variable Transformer varies the output from near zero to 13,800 volts A.C. and 700 volts D.C. The test system has an output of 2,500kva with 3,200 amps capacity. This provides Inman with one of the largest testing capacities in the Midwest. Test running electric motors at full rated voltage is important for many reasons. Rotor magnetic center is achieved only at full voltage and accurate vibration levels can be measured only at full voltage.

Both horizontal and vertical motors up to 80,000 pounds are mounted and secured on a large test plate. The 12 ft. x 8 ft. steel plate is grouted on an independent foundation for accurate vibration measurement. Complete printed test reports are provided with each motor. Customers of Inman Electric Motors receive repaired motors that have been fully tested and documented. This ensures reliable operation when the motor is installed at the facility site.

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