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Key Personnel: Front Row, Left to Right: Pam Mignone, Purchasing, Connie Moriarty, Accounting; Back Row, Left to Right: Ron Eichelkraut, Assistan Shop Supt; Terry Chaon, Servo Supt; C.J. VanSchaick, Shop Supt; David Inman, Owner; Brian Inman, Electrical Engineer; Jim Bolelli, Sales Manager; Ron Walter, Winding Supt.
Over 46 Years of Quality Service

Inman Electric Motors was founded in 1967 by Sam Inman. Mr. Inman previously had twenty-five years of experience in the electric motor service industry serving as shop foreman of a mid-sized motor repair shop in Texas. In 1966 he purchased Monarch Electric Repair Company in Peru, Illinois. At the time of purchase, Monarch had two employees and leased a facility of 4,000 square feet.

Over the next few years, with hard work and quality service, the company experienced steady growth. In 1973, Sam’s son David joined the family business. A new service shop was constructed in LaSalle, Illinois in 1976 and the company’s name was changed to Inman Electric. Many building additions were added as Inman Electric continued to grow. In 2012 Inman Electric Co changed its name to Inman Electric Motors and added 12,000 square feet of additional storage space to accommodate its growing motor storage inventory. Today the facility is more than 70,000 square feet on 3.5 acres of land. Inman Electric Motors has one of the most modern service shops in the country. The capabilities include two forty-ton bridge cranes, four 15 ton bridge cranes with 32 feet of lifting height, automated coil winding machines, vacuum pressure impregnation, three of the largest curing ovens manufactured, vibration analysis and dynamic balancing instrumentation, and a 13,800 volts and 3,000 amps test panel. Customers include custom manufacturers and end users throughout Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, and Wisconsin.

Inman Electric Motors is a privately held company and has been managed by the Inman family for three generations. When Sam Inman passed away in 1997 he was succeeded by his son David. David’s son, Brian, joined the company in 2003 after obtaining an electrical engineering degree from Purdue University. Inman Electric Motors has realized great success by providing personal service and quality work for over forty years. The two greatest assets of the company are the loyal employees and customers. The key personnel in management at Inman Electric Motors have all been with the company from fifteen to thirty-five years. Many of the customers have been doing business with the company for as long as forty years. Inman Electric Motors is very proud of our excellent reputation and we look forward to serving our industry for generations to come.

Partners and Associations

Inman Electric Motors is a licensed distributor for the following manufacturers:






Local Associations and Partnerships:

Inman Electric Motors is an active and participating member of Electtrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA). EASA is a dynamic, professional trade organization that is recognized internationally as the leader in the electrical and mechanical apparatus sales, service and repair industry. EASA provides an ongoing flow of industry information and education that helps members worldwide serve as total solution providers for electrical and mechanical equipment and systems.


Customer Testimonials

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July 2013

Our 12’ VPI tank is installed, tested and in use by our skilled technicians. A large 13,800 volt stator is being processed in the tank before being reassembled. vpi tank

May 2013:

Jim Bolelli, our Sales Manager receives an award on behalf of the company from Baldor/Reliance Electric Motors for Outstanding Distributor for 2012 – our third year in a row! Baldor/Reliance is an international manufacturer of industrial electric motors and recognizes the most successful distributors in the nation for providing sales and service of their products. Caption: Pictured above from left to right are James Rhoder, District Manager for Baldor/Reliance Electric, Jim Bolelli of Inman, and Darren Grear, Account Representative for Baldor/Reliance.Jim Bolelli baldor motors

April 2013:

An 8,000hp motor being rewound with 13,800 volt formed coils by our skilled technicians. large motor rewind

January 2013:

Our new motor testing base is complete and in use. The base is on an independent foundation to reduce any vibration from the building and its surroundings allowing for more accurate vibration readings and evaluation.

December 2012:

Our facility is now equipped with a complete fire sprinkler monitoring system, surveillance cameras and security alarms to protect not only our valuable machines and personnel, but also our customer’s stored inventory.

April 2012

Our new test panel has arrived and is able to test run motors up to 13,000 horsepower at their full rated voltage. Our high powered motor test system was custom manufactured by Phenix Technologies, Inc. The Column Type Variable Transformer varies the output from near zero to 13,800 volts A.C. and 700 volts D.C. The test system has an output of 2,500kva with 3,200 amps capacity. This provides Inman with the largest testing capacity of any shop in the Midwest. Complete printed test reports are provided with each motor to our customers.

March 2012

Here we grow again! Our new 12,000 square foot storage building is complete and occupied by new inventory and customer’s spare motor inventory. Two new 15-ton overhead bridge cranes service the building and allow for easy motor retrieval and organization.

December 2010
Inman Electric Motors has just completed the final step in their 7,500 square foot expansion project. The new 12’ x12’ heat treating oven is installed and able to accommodate larger motors and streamline our motor repair production. With the new 7,500 sq. ft. addition, new 40-ton bridge crane and new heat treating oven Inman Electric Motors is on track to reach their long term goal of being one of the best equipped motor repair facilities in the country with the capacity to handle any size job.


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Outside Sales Representative
Description: Inman Electric Motors is seeking a salesperson to actively promote & sell our services and products to current and potential industrial customers within a 90 mile radius of our shop, developing & maintaining strong customer and vendor relationships, identifying needs of customers, and traveling to customer sites to pick up and deliver equipment. An attractive salary and commission as well as excellent benefits, 401k and profit sharing included in package.

Required: A minimum of 3-5 years experience in motor repair, sales and/or customer service or other related technical products and ability to work independently in a fast paced environment.

Contact: Leah Inman, linman@inmanelectric.net

Electric Motor Repair Technician
Description: Job requires evaluation, disassembly, repairs, and assembly of industrial electric motors. Top hourly pay and benefits, medical, 401(k), and profit sharing.

Required: Mechanical skills and electrical knowledge a plus. Entry level and experienced persons may apply.

Contact: Leah Inman, linman@inmanelectric.net

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Inman Electric Motors specializes in rewinding and rebuilding large electric motors though 19,000 horsepower. Our service center has 70,000 square feet of space and is equipped with 5, 10, 15 and 40-ton overhead bridge cranes with 32 feet of clear height. Inman processes all rewinds with vacuum pressure impregnation. We have two curing ovens and two heat treating ovens that are the largest in the Midwest. Inman Electric Motors has computerized coil winding machines, as well as instrumentation for performing the following electrical tests: surge comparison, core loss and efficiency, hipot, megger, resistance, inductance, impedance, phase angle, and rotor bar analysis. Our motor test panel has a capacity of 2,500 kva at 13,800 volts A.C. and 700 volts D.C. Motors through 13,000 horsepower are tested at full nameplate voltage. Motors are fastened to a 10,000 pound machined sole plate grouted in an independent foundation adjacent to the testing panel. Complete vibration spectrums are printed and recorded for every tested motor.

  • AC Induction
  • Direct Current
  • AC Synchronous
  • Mill Duty
  • AC Wound Rotor
  • Traction Motors
  • Explosion Proof
  • Form Wound Coils

(Fig A and Fig B) A 13,800 volt motor before and after it has been rewound by our technicians. (Fig C) Technicians disassemble a large vertical pump motor for a local power plant.

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One of the most critical capabilities of an electric motor service shop is the ability to test run repaired motors at full rated nameplate voltage. Inman Electric Motors runs all motors through 19,000 horsepower at full rated voltage. Our high powered motor test system was custom manufactured by Phenix Technologies, Inc. The Column Type Variable Transformer varies the output from near zero to 13,800 volts A.C. and 700 volts D.C. The test system has an output of 2,500kva with 3,200 amps capacity. This provides Inman with the largest testing capacity of any shop in the Midwest. Test running electric motors at full rated voltage is important for many reasons. Rotor magnetic center is achieved only at full voltage and accurate vibration levels can be measured only at full voltage.

Both horizontal and vertical motors up to 80,000 pounds are mounted and secured on a large floor plate. The 12 ft. x 8 ft. steel plate is grouted on an independent foundation for accurate vibration measurement. Complete printed test reports are provided with each motor. Customers of Inman Electric Motors receive repaired motors that have been fully tested and documented. This ensures reliable operation when the motor is installed at the facility site.

A technician prepares a 6,000 horsepower motor for testing at full rated voltage

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Tank Diameter: 12 Feet
Inman Electric Motors has a capability that provides the ultimate in rewind quality and electrical performance. That capability is Vacuum Pressure Impregnation or VPI.

Motors, generators, and coils up to twelve feet in diameter are processed under vacuum and pressure with polyester resin to provide void-free electrical windings. The VPI process provides maximum penetration of resin throughout the turns of individual coils.

VPI is greatly superior to solvent varnishes and the conventional “dip and bake” method. Solvent varnishes lose 50% to 70% of volume during baking, leaving voids and air pockets in the windings. A weak sponge-like structure results. VPI provides a 100% solid mass structure that gives you the greatest mechanical strength, a cooler running motor due to superior heat dissipation, and the highest level of environmental protection. A motor winding that undergoes VPI is virtually impervious to oil, moisture, and chemical contaminants. VPI may be used for both A.C. and D.C. stators, armatures, field coils, and applications such as lifting magnets. Large frame motors from 460 volts through 13,800 volts should receive VPI to ensure the longest attainable service life. IEEE and NEMA ME-1 submergence testing is available for all motors that are rewound and VPI processed by Inman Electric Motors.

Our new 12’ VPI tank is used to process a 13,8000 volt stator.

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The capacity of an electric motor repair shop is measured by the size of its curing and heat treating ovens. Ovens dictate the size of electric motors that a service center can repair. All stators, rotors, and armatures of large electric motors must be cleaned and dried. Baking the motors in an oven is necessary to dry out the windings following cleaning and to improve the resistance of the windings to ground. Also, the insulating resin applied to the windings during rewinding or reconditioning must be cured by baking in an oven.

Inman Electric Motors has four process ovens, two for baking, and two for heat treating. The largest of our two curing ovens has interior dimensions of 12’x 12’ x 17’ with one million BTUs capacity. The smaller of our two curing ovens has interior dimensions of 6’ x 6’ x 12’. The largest of our two heat treating ovens has interior dimensions of 14’ x 12’ x 12’ with one million BTUs capacity. The smaller of the two heat treating ovens has interior dimensions of 6’ x 6’ x 6’. Having the largest ovens in the Midwest gives Inman Electric Motors the capacity to repair very large rotating equipment.

(Fig a) A 1,250 HP synchronous motor is prepared for bakeout.
(Fig b) The new 12' x 12' heat treating oven.

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Inman Electric Motors specializes in the repair, rebuilding, and sale of A.C. and D.C. servo motors for the machine tool industry. We provide 24-hour service seven days a week.

Inman Electric Motors maintains the largest inventory of repair parts in northern and central Illinois. Our inventory includes brushes, brush holders, brush caps and springs, commutators, tach generators, resolvers and encoders, resolver gears, brakes, bearings and seals, and permanent magnet shells.

Inman Electric Motors provides complete repair service including rewinding, mechanical rebuilding, electronic repair, feedback alignment, load testing, and sales of new and rebuilt servo motors.

All servo motors are repaired by Inman Electric Motors and the customer is provided with complete documentation of the motor and feedback test results. Each motor has a 1-year warranty from the date of installation.

Parts, service, and sales are available for all manufacturers, including those listed below:

  • Porter Peerless
  • Industrial Drives (Inland)
  • Gettys (Gould)
  • GEC
  • ABB
  • Alshthom
  • ASEA
  • Parvex
  • Cincinnati Milacro
  • Reliance
  • Kessler
  • Mitsubishi
  • Yaskawa
  • Electrocraft
  • Fanuc (and GE Fanuc)
  • Allen Bradley
  • Indramat
  • Emerson
  • Siemens
  • Brown Boveri
  • CSR
  • Warner Swaysey
  • Baldor
  • Baumuller
  • Gleichstromach
  • Sumitomo
  • Daito
  • Sanyo

(Fig A) An Inman Electric Motors technician tests a servo motor.
(Fig B) The encoder on a Fanuc servo motor is tested.

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Inman Electric Motors provides a unique service for our customers. Inman Electric Motors will store and maintain the complete spare motor inventory for major industrial users.

We currently store and maintain over 5,000 spare motors owned by 45 individual manufacturing plants located throughout the Midwest. When a customer experiences a motor failure, Inman Electric Motors delivers a spare motor from their inventory. The failed motor is repaired and returned to the customer’s inventory at Inman’s facility. Motors are stored and documented according to TMEIC standards as well as customer and manufacturers specifications. Motors are stored in our three climate controlled, fire and theft protected buildings

Each motor is entered into Inman’s computer database. The database record includes the complete nameplate information such as horsepower, frame, serial number, etc. It includes the customer’s equipment or stock number and the crib location at Inman. The database also includes a maintenance record for each individual motor. Each month the shaft of every individual motor is rotated. Spare motors are meggered semiannually. Motors above 100 horsepower are tested at full voltage annually. Every spare motor repaired by Inman Electric Motors is warranted from the date of installation regardless of the length of time of storage. Motor storage and maintenance ensures the reliability of all spare motors as well as alleviating space and handling requirements at the plant site. Spare motors are delivered 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

(Fig A, B, & C) Large motor storage and climate controlled storage warehouse.

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High Voltage Motor Rewinding through 13.8kV.

Inman Electric Motors rewinds high voltage motors through 13,800 volts. The windings are either processed with vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI), B-stage coils, or both. High voltage motors are wound with coils that fit snugly into the core slots with minimum clearance between the core and the coils to prevent partial discharge. Coils are isolated from one another and well insulated. The connections are meticulously insulated, secured, blocked, tied, and isolated. An outer layer of conductive tape on the straight sections of the coils is essential. All coil measurements and fits are documented. Electrical tests are performed according to IEEE standards and manufacturers specifications.

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Testing for Motor Efficiency and Core Losses

Inman Electric Motors tests every electric motor we repair for core loss. Inman uses a computerized Lexseco Model 2125 core tester to determine core losses found in stators, rotors, and armatures. The Model 2125 provides 125 KVA of power with a capacity of 2,000 amps. Motors through 5,000 horsepower are tested and a printout of results is provided to the customer.

Core loss is the major cause of wasted electrical energy which can result from overheating during operation, motor burnout, and physical damage such as rotor drag. Without core loss testing, it is impossible to determine that a motor is capable of operating at rated efficiency. The tester indicates the condition of core steel by measuring the watts of energy lost per pound when the core is excited to operating conditions. Also, the microprocessor works in conjunction with infrared heat scans to record “hot spot” conditions in the stator. These often occur where there has been physical contact between rotating parts and the core as well as “grounds” where the windings have arced and blown holes in the core. The computer indicates a maximum and minimum value in terms of flux, watts, and amps. If the core does not meet a minimum value, the steel laminations making up the core must be repaired, restacked, or replaced.

Motors that have failed and are not core tested often experience repeat failures. Defective bearings, the most common cause of electric motor failure, often results in core damage. A damaged or inefficient core will lead to a winding failure in a stator, wound rotor, or armature. For a complete report on the condition of your electric motor and documented core loss test results, send your motors to Inman Electric Motors.

(Figure A) A 350 HP stator is tested for core loss and efficiency.
(Figure B) Core efficiency test of a 2,000 HP D.C. armature.

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DC Motor Repair

Inman Electric Motors repairs D.C. motors through 10,000 horsepower. Rewinding capabilities include armatures (both random and form coils), field coils and stator assemblies, and interpoles or commutating coils. Other services include brush holder repair and fabrication, shaft machining, and dynamic balancing through 15,000 pounds. Commutator undercutting is performed to undercut the mica separating the copper bars so that brush wear is minimized. Electrical tests are performed as per EASA and IEEE standards and all assembled motors are tested at full nameplate voltage.

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New Electric Motor Sales

Inman Electric Motors maintains a large inventory of new industrial electric motors as well as rebuilt motors. We carry the leading brands and our stock includes A.C., D.C., mill and chemical duty, explosion proof, and pump motors. We stock premium efficiency motors through 300 horsepower. Inman Electric Motors is an official distributor of Toshiba motors and drives as well as Baldor, WEG, General Electric, Marathon, TECO Westinghouse, and Leeson motors.

Inman Electric Motors’s on-site inventory includes the following manufacturers:


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Motor Repair Reports Help Track History and Recurring Problems

There is nothing more important to Inman Electric Motors than the satisfaction of our customers. Our customers must have complete confidence and trust in our repair work and test procedures. It is also very important that our customers know exactly what is done to their motor each time it is serviced. Inman Electric Motors will provide our customers with motor repair reports that include full motor test documentation. Included in these reports are electrical and mechanical test results, vibrations spectrums, motor photos, and balancing specifications. Inman Electric Motors is happy to work with our customers to provide them with customized reports that include all of the motor repair details that are important to them. Please contact us for more details!

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Inman Electric Location and Map

Inman Electric Motors is located at 314 Civic Road, La Salle, Illinois 61301.

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Inman Electric Motors is conveniently located in North Central Illinois. Our facility is just off of Interstate 80 (exit 77) and is 2 miles west of the junction of Interstate 80 and Interstate 39. Our facility is only 1 hour from the Illinois cities of Peoria, Bloomington, and Rockford, the Southwest suburbs of Chicago, and the Quad Cities. Our location offers easy and quick access to interstate highways leading to Iowa, Wisconsin and Indiana.

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Address: 314 Civic Road, La Salle, Illinois 61301 see map
Phone: (815) 223-2288
FAX: (815) 223-7108
E-Mail: inmanelectric@comcast.net

To inquire about the sales, services, or repairs of electric motors provided by Inman Electric Motors, please fill out the form below and will answer each and every question via email or phone.

If you would rather contact us by phone, please call 815-223-2288


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